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Oxyfacial is a certified flagship program of OxygenCeuticals
Offering Oxyfacial flagship clinic affiliation, certification,
personalized consultation, and top tier-education

Sukalming Derma Kit is a 2-step post-procedure kit, including a Serum and Cream. This kit reduces swelling, redness and bruising, and includes ingredients such as Sucralfate, and Vitamin K and A, to soothe, protect, and hydrate damaged skin. NEW Sukalming Derma Kit Learn More One-stop Post-Procedure Care.
Clinically proven to reduce redness,
bruising and swelling after only one use!

An image showing a hand holding the Ceutisome BH Mask, a premium sheet mask to hydrate skin and balance skins pH. Ideal for acne-prone and oily skin types, includes 7 types of Hyaluronic Acid for ultimate hydration and moisturizing. NEW Ceutisome BH Mask The newest Ceutisome Sheet Mask.
Hydrating and pH Balancing!

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OxygenCeuticals Story OxygenCeuticals is a trusted international, medical skincare brand that specializes in pre- and post-procedure skincare utilizing the impressive benefits of pure Oxygen on the skin. Our Story NEW ReGenon Fill LHA Your skin's no-stress refresh!
Gentle LHA peel for radiant skin.

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Breathe Life Into Your Skin Our oxygen-based skincare solutions are customized
for individual skin concerns and used in both
professional services and home care.
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Professional Solutions Our post-procedure skincare solutions will revitalize the skin through the benefits of pure oxygen. Our devices lift, firm, heal, soothe, and revive. The perfect solution for any skincare or beauty professional.

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Exclusive Patent


Customized skincare ampoule containing a highly
concentrated oxygen-carrying ingredient: CEUTISOME
and ingredients effective for various skin concerns.

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Model posing with the Ceutisome P Amouple

Hyper Pigment


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Wrinkle Effect


Specialist Post-Care Kit

Sukalming Derma Kit

Powered by Sucralfate, an ingredient with calming effects 10x stronger than Cica,
this post-care kit is clinically proven to reduce redness, swelling, and bruising after just one use.

OxygenCeuticals AstrodomeFacial is controllable via the touch panel


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Pure Oxygen

Professional Solutions

Give your clients the best care possible with OxygenCeuticals’
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account today!

OxygenCeuticals AstrodomeFacial control panel



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OxygenCeuticals is a trusted international medical skincare brand that specializes in pre- and post-procedure skincare utilizing the impressive benefits of pure oxygen on the skin.